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Basic Info (Statement)

                                           ENJOY our new enthusiastic blog....

Dear Visitors,

with the usual help of my friends like Peter P. near Hanau, Greg in Helsinki (who gave me big motivation), Harry, Frank (in Erfurt/east german area) and Clint in the Oxford Region /thank you Clint for all your shared DX experience/ and the support of my lovely wife Anni I was able to open now this daily blog.

In future you'll find here an entry per day (or more), it shall be a colourful picture of our very interesting hobby with audio, QSL-cards, other media like Youtube and little/less text.
Please note that you are able to translate our blog in every language with the translator of Google.

We are mostly Germans, but the first eMails after publishing this new blog, were all from outside and in English Language.
German DX-ers are an dying type of hobbyists, they have no attitude that goes in my way to do a main blog for all DX-ers in Europe and to show all the possibilities of this fascinating hobby of DXing.

After a few days from Start of this blog, and without doing any Search-Engine-Optimazation,  we have round 300 Visitors a day.  That is not a big figure, but it is only the startpoint of our increasing popularity. 

If you want to be a part of our community, if you like shortwave reception, or if you only want to give us support without money,  please do a favour and follow us on TWITTER:

We have proudly reached a count of:     400   Members !

All this is totally done without a single Euro or Dollar, only via the work of a few people. Wow!

The Blog will work MULTI-Lingual in English and German, due to the fact that a lot more English DX-ers exists like the rare german DX people.  And in add the germans are very difficult to handle, they have mostly a critical oppinion, nothing is good enough for them , the work of others is not respected.

So the real better thing is to be    i n t e r n a t i o n a l     and with more than 50% of the blog in the english language.

Hope you are satisfied with this decision, if you have to report something inside the DX-world, or we should publish some news, etc., please write an eMail to:

info     @     european-dx-blog.de

We are now open for every one of this planet earth,     W e l c o m e   !!!

Register to twitter (if you haven't an account), follow us, and receive daily  one (1) or two interesting news or Logs.  That is all, easy game, enjoy it !    

It is a pleasure to entertain you , dear DXer !!!!!

best 73's 

- a DXer since 47 years-
my call:  SWL-DE9KPP