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Quote: Answer to Mr. Clint G. inside his YT-Channel "Oxford Shortwave Log"

Good Morning.
My friend Klaus told me to publish this comment (in double) also here inside the new Blog, ... o.k., here it is.

Quote from Youtube
dear friend, I gave this comment "thumbs up", but I want to give 100 times thumbs up. For me is ALL INDIA RADIO so important due to the fact that they are the only real democracy in Asia with a large shortwave service. Others like Thailand etc. are ruled by a dictatorship or let us say "non democratic" government in comparison to a free legal parlamentaric system like we have in european states. So India is in these way of thinking very urgent, and they have to have a Foreign Broadcasting Service. This trend to setup only Webradio, is in my eyes dangerous and wrong. Dangerous: the web is not secure against outlosses/non-function, what is then ? Wrong way: more people in Asia and Africa are without (!) web access than people which have web access. So the broad masses in Asia refer there information still and only from Radio and TV,. Yes, they walk to an internet cafe and look into, but 90% of the day they have a radio switched on. And India have to recognize that they play an urgent role for the small neighbour countries, Bangladesh, Bhutan etc. - I listened to Bhutan's BBS last week 3 hours (in total on different days) and truthfully I must say that the so called "news" are too short and reports are mostly about the country itself and his majesty the king or the happiness of the Bhutan people. BUT if you as an european citizen search News from the whole Asia, this BBS - and others - are really the wrong place. So all in all: the A.I.R. -Service is very very urgent for them and us. Thank you for your kind understanding, dear Clint. If you want to support us, click daily one time our blog "www.european-dx-blog.de" --- we will send a long eMail-Letter in the name of our readers to the 'Head of All India Radio". So the more visitors we have, the more is the positive effect hopefully. By the way, we gave your YT channel "Oxford Shortwave" a timeless Backlink direct in the Frontpage of our Blog, so you also shall have more visitors (same we gifted for Mr. Matthias). In short time of under one year it is a clear result that Mr. Clint is significantly and formidable inside the whole DX-world. You, Clint, you know what you are doing, with competence and knowledge. Your Support for our new Blog-Site is not to pay with money, it is precious & invaluable. Every click inside our website is pure gold for us ...... thank you! Our team with the co-authors of Frank and Herbert will do his best to go in the google-ranking high, we were new but hopefully our common work of 5 people is not "for nothing"... Every mention of our blog or every Link to us helps in addition. Okay, thank you again, and wishing all the best! From H.B.